Emerald Stone Pendant – Oval Shape 1.99 Carat

134,000147,400 (-9%)

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A platinum emerald pendant is a stunning piece of jewelry that features an emerald gemstone set in platinum. Emeralds are prized for their rich, vibrant green color, symbolizing renewal, prosperity, and harmony. When set in platinum, a rare and exquisite metal known for its strength and elegant appearance, the result is a captivating and luxurious accessory.

134,000147,400 (-9%)



Gemstone Specifications

Item Type: Emerald Stone Pendant
Carat Weight: 1.99 Carats
Shape: Oval
Cutting Style: Faceted
Color: Green
Ideal For: Unisex
Metal: Platinum
Clarity: Transparent (VS1), Near Loupe-Clean
Origin: Zambia
Mohs Hardness: 9 (On a Scale of 10)
Treatments: No Heat Treatments
Certified By: IGL


Diamond Specifications


Diamond Total Weight : 0.11 Ct
Shape and Cutting Style: Round
Origin: India
Mohs Hardness: 10 (On a Scale of 10)
Color Grade: D
Cut Grade: Excellent
Clarity of Diamond: VVS1
Polish: Excellent
fluorescence: None
Treatments: No Enhancement

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