Ruby Promise Ring – 5.00 Carat

18,50038,500 (-33%)

A 5 carat ruby gemstone promise ring is a stunning piece of jewelry that would make a meaningful and romantic gesture for someone special.

18,50038,500 (-33%)



The ruby gemstone is known for its deep red color, which symbolizes passion and love, making it the perfect choice for a promise ring. A 5.00 carat ruby gemstone promise ring is a bold and elegant choice that is sure to be cherished by the recipient. It can be worn as a symbol of love and commitment, and the beauty of the ruby gemstone will be a constant reminder of the promise that was made.

Carat Weight: 5.00 Carats
Measurements: 11.74 x 9.30 x 4.06 mm
Shape: Oval
Cutting Style: Faceted
Color: Ruby Red
Clarity: Transparent (VS1), Near Loupe-Clean
Origin: Burma (Myanmar)
Mohs Hardness: 9 (On a Scale of 10)
Treatments: None
Certified By: IGL Certificate (Provided)


Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 cm

5/44.8 mm, 6/45.9 mm, 7/47.1 mm, 8/48.1 mm, 9/49.0 mm, 10/50.0 mm, 11/50.9 mm, 12/51.8 mm, 13/52.8 mm, 14/54.0 mm, 15/55.0 mm, 16/55.9 mm, 17/56.9 mm, 18/57.8 mm, 19/59.1 mm, 20/60.0 mm, 21/ 60.9mm, 22/61.9 mm, 23/62.8 mm, 24/63.8 mm, 25/64.7 mm



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