Floral Ruby and Diamond Ring – 8.00 Carat

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Beautiful and Glamorous Yellow Gold Ring with Ruby as the piece of jewellery; the centrepiece. Known for its vibrant colour, clarity, cut and often its weight, this is one of the most popular and demanded jewellery when it comes to gifting and astrological purposes.


Gemstone Specifications


Type: Premium Ring
Gemstone Type: Ruby
Carat Weight: 8.00 Carats
Measurements: 12.16L x 10.29W x 7.12H
Shape: Oval
Cutting Style: Faceted
Setting: Prong
Color: Red
Metal: 18K Yellow Gold
Clarity: Transparent (VS1), Near Loupe-Clean
Origin: Burma (Myanmar)
Mohs Hardness: 9 (On a Scale of 10)
Treatments: No Heat Treatments
Certified By: IGL


Diamond Specifications


Diamond Total Weight : 0.30 Ct
Shape and Cutting Style: Oval & Brilliant
Made in India: Handmade
Mohs Hardness: 10 (On a Scale of 10)
Color Grade: E
Cut Grade: Excellent
Clarity of Diamond: VVS
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: None
Treatments: No Enhancement
Certified by: IGL

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Floral Ruby and Diamond Ring - 8.00 Carat

138,000140,000 (-1%)

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